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Amazing Facts About Kids Dentistry Near Me

Kids dentistry near me

Children should start to see the dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts, or by their first birthday at the latest. Your dentist can give you tips on how to clean their new teeth and prevent decay from late night bottles.  They will be patients of a pediatric dentist until about age 18.

Kids dentistry near me

You may have heard about kids’ dentistry and wondered is it something that’s really that important? After all, you have a family dentist, isn’t that enough? But the truth is, a pediatric dentist or kids’ dentWe talked above about location, engaging offices, and good reviewsist is a specialist who is an expert in caring for children and their unique dental needs. Kids grow quickly, and being able to understand growth patterns and how teeth will develop is very important.

Pediatric dentists also go to school to understand the psychology of children, to help make sure that they stay calm and maybe even look forward to their dental visits. Because of this, pediatric dentists are also great for special needs children who may be older, but still are fearful and don’t understand what happens at the kids dentistry near me in Miami FL.

Getting your child started off right with a pediatric dentist is an important first step in ensuring that they have good dental health for life.

We’ll look more at pediatric dental services in just a moment, but first let’s take a pause and see what some of the experts of pediatric dentistry have to say about kids’ dentistry near me.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has noted that the majority of children have to deal with early childhood caries (ECC) at some point during their childhood. These experts noticed that it is a serious health issue that affects children across the globe in both developing and developed nations (Anil & Anand, 2017).

ECC is the presence of one or more missing, decayed, or filled tooth surfaces in any primary tooth, otherwise known as milk teeth, in a child who is 71 months old or younger (Anil & Anand, 2017).

There are a number of factors that go into ECC. Some of them include high sugar foods, a lack of proper oral hygiene and oral care, a lack of fluoride, and defects in the enamel (Anil & Anand, 2017).

Kids dentistry near me

What are suggestions for a good kids’ dentist near me? Children’s orthodontics and dentistry near me

One of the first things to look for when you’re looking for a good kid’s dentist is how close they are to you. One of the things that can cause stress in children is a long commute to get to some place they may deem is just not that fun. If you find a kids’ dentist that is near you, that trip is shorter and your child doesn’t have the time to get anxious or worry about their visit.

Another thing to look for is what kind of ratings the pediatric dentist has in internet search engines and on review sites. This gives you an idea of the kind of customer care that they can provide. Reading reviews gives you a picture of what that particular patient experienced and it gives you an idea of what you might expect if you become a client of this office also.

Does your local pediatric dental clinic offer a free initial consultation? This is another thing to look for. This is a great chance for you to get a chance to meet the staff and talk to the dentist to find out how they approach pediatric dentistry and what kind of care they provide in Miami FL.

A good pediatric dentist is someone who will provide gentle treatment for kids of all ages, including infants, children, and teens. They also will take the time needed to make sure that children understand what is going to happen during their cleaning, or their dental filling procedure. Children can be very fearful of all of the sterility of the office and the equipment that is around them, so having the patience to make sure that they understand is a very important aspect to make sure your child will have good dental health for life.

Your pediatric dentist in Miami will also likely have a fun and welcoming waiting area dedicated to keeping kids engaged and maybe even providing a fun experience. You will often find that pediatric dentists have brightly colored waiting areas with activity centers, video games, and even quiet rooms for those who are stressed and just need a place to go and decompress.

Who is the best kids’ dentist Miami FL? General dentistry and orthodontics near me

Determining what is best is actually a very relative thing. It’s whatever is best for you, the parent. We talked above about location, engaging offices, and good reviews. Other things to consider include what kinds of payment plans or insurance plans they accept. Another thing to consider is what hours they keep. Getting a dentist who offers appointments at times when it’s convenient for you is a great benefit.

Which is the best pediatric clinic in Miami FL? Dentistry for kids near me

There are a few things to consider when it comes to best. We talked above about what is best for you personally. Another way to assess who the best dentist in Miami is to look at ratings. When you do an internet search for pediatric dentist in Coral Gables or pediatric dentist in Miami, you will often see a list provided to you.  You can then take a look and see what ratings each of these clinics has received from past and current patients. This is a great way for you to see the top rated dentists in your area.

How do you know if your dentist is a quality dentist? Kid’s dentistry near me

We’ve talked above about taking a look at the scores that dentists receive on review websites or on internet search engines. Another way to know if you have a quality dentist is to book an initial consultation and take a look to see for yourself what kind of care they provide. Do they use state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques? Many dentists have changed a number of aspects of their practices in the most recent years, partly in response to reducing disease spread and providing a safe environment for their patients.

Other techniques include more use of digital scanning versus x-rays or different types of materials used for fillings. Many dentists now will not use amalgam fillings because of the mercury that is used in the metal composition. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing, they are safer. All of these things can work together to help you know that you have found a quality pediatric dentist.


Anil, S., & Anand, P. S. (2017). Early Childhood Caries: Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Prevention. Frontiers in pediatrics, 5, 157.