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If you’re an individual who lives in the Aventura area, you may be wondering if you can even find a good dentist near me for kids clinic, a quality dentist pediatric dentist or if you have to go somewhere further like the pediatric dental center of Miami. However, while it may feel like some of the best dental clinics may not be right next door in Aventura, the good news is that there are actually high quality dental clinics available in nearly every in the greater Aventura and Miami area. But how can you find these great clinics? And what are the most important things to look for?

One of the most important things to look for is simply distance. If you live in Aventura you don’t want to have to drive an hour through rush hour traffic each time your child needs a dental visit. The longer the drive, the less likely you are to want to do it or to actually do it. Not only that, but then it starts to introduce some more costs, things like the cost of the gas, 2 hours of driving round trip, time that you have to take out of work or time that your child must take out of school to be able to make those appointments before the office closes, and many other hidden costs. With that in mind, it’s essential that you find an office that you like that is within your preferred travel distance.

Another thing to look for, especially when it comes to a dentist near me for kids, is do they make a special effort to make the child feel comfortable? When you walk into the office, is the office clean, comfortably and tastefully decorated? Are there clean toys and games for your child to play with while they wait and a friendly staff who help put your child at ease? Or is the staff curt, the toys dirty, and the magazines already filled up with the drawings of a thousand children before? You can tell a lot about how an office prioritizes its clients by what it makes available to them even in the waiting room. If your child and you don’t even like to sit there, it is very unlikely that you will like your treatment there either.

Personal connection is another important aspect. Dental offices can sometimes be frightening places for children but an expert level dentist for kids in Miami will help put your child’s mind at ease. A good office can help make sure that your child is able to relax, learn, and in some cases even enjoy visiting the dental office. Children who have great experiences with their dental offices while they are young are individuals who are more likely to seek out dental assistance when they are older.

Giving your child a great first introduction to oral health can also set them up for a lifetime of oral health success. A child who does not connect with or is frightened of going to the dentist is one who is going to make your life very unpleasant every time they have to go and that in turn is likely to lead to fewer visits. Fewer visits in turn lead to a higher chance that something serious will get missed and cause greater problems necessitating more invasive treatments which will cause your child to feel that their fear was justified.

Helping your child get over the little fear that they may feel by having a free consultation with the office where they can meet the office staff and see the tools can be a great way to help alleviate those small fears so they do not grow into big ones.