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The pulpotomy procedure is a dental process that dentists use to restore any infected primary or milk teeth in children.  If you’re interested in finding a pediatric dentist near you, you may have done an internet search for things like ‘children’s pediatric dental‘ or ‘children’s dentist office near me.’  While it is great to find a good dentist near you, internet searches may not be the best way of finding the best dentist for your child.

It is important that in addition to internet searches, parents should look for certain characteristics that include a pediatric dental office that ensures children are made to feel comfortable and safe.  It is important for a pediatric dentist to actively talk to your child in a way that he or she understands, and try to reassure them before dental procedures.

So, if your child requires a pulpotomy, what should you do? First, it is important to understand why a dentist might recommend pulpotomies for a child. If a dentist children’s near me notices an infection in one or more of your child’s teeth, the dentist should explain the cause of the infection which is most commonly caused by tooth decay or cavities. This can happen as the cavity destroys the external layer of the tooth, and attacks the soft pulp inside the child’s tooth.

This pulp is full of nerves, so this generally causes a lot of pain and discomfort. Furthermore, the bacteria can continue to damage and ultimately irreversibly damage or kill the nerves or blood vessels inside the tooth or teeth. This will result in the teeth falling out from decay.

Another reason a child’s tooth or teeth may become infected is because of trauma to the oral cavity or their mouth. This can happen if a child is involved in a fight, or if they slip and fall or if they come in forceful contact with a blunt, sharp, or other dangerous object.

As a result of this, oral bacteria may enter the teeth and can lead to infections. Therefore, if your child has been involved in an altercation and has sustained an oral injury or has sustained an oral injury in any way, it is necessary to seek dental care and possibly emergency care if recommended by the dentist, so that the injury does not lead to an infection.

A pulpotomy is used to prevent this untimely tooth loss due to infections. In this procedure, the dentist will open up the child’s tooth or teeth, remove infected and damaged pulp from the tooth. Then, any leftover pulp will be treated with a special medication to protect it from infection. After this, the dentist will likely add a filling or a crown, and the procedure is complete.

Finally, you may be wondering how your dentist will deal with the pain. You should discuss this with your pediatric dentist, and find out how they plan to reduce the pain your child may feel. It is common practice for the dentist to use a numbing agent prior to the procedure, and they may suggest pain relief for your child afterwards.