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Dental Cleanings

Dental checkups North Miami

For people living in North Miami Beach or in the North Miami Beach area, there are often many different kinds of dental work you need done but one of the most common by far is of course dental cleanings.

Dental cleanings and checkups are probably the single most common oral procedure that most people will get in their lifetime. While individuals will typically only get braces once and hopefully never need oral surgery, many people benefit from regular dental cleanings as your dentist is the only one equipped to properly clean and scrub your teeth especially in those hard to reach areas to make sure plaque doesn’t build up. They can also check your gums to make sure they are healthy.

But what about children? Can a dentist pediatric near me also clean teeth? Can a children’s dentist near me offer my child dental cleanings? Is it really necessary for children to get dental cleanings? Do young children need to find sedation dentistry near me if they are scared of the dentist? Or is there something else a pediatric dental office can do to alleviate their fear and concern?

First things first, no you do not need to sedate your child just for dental cleanings. While it may be something you may joke about, the fact is sedation dentistry near me is actually quite rare and should not be used for general cleaning. If a child is uncomfortable being in the proximity of their dentist or orthodontist, then it’s important for you to find an office and a doctor who can put your child at ease.

There are many different ways that offices work together to try to help your child relax and feel good about orthodontic treatment. Some of the ways are quite simple – just being friendly, having good offices that are filled with entertaining and relaxing things for kids to do while they wait, and a friendly staff that is able to put your child’s mind at ease.

Another great thing for many individuals who are concerned about pediatric dental cleanings to actually schedule a free consultation with your orthodontic office. Letting your child and you visit the office and meet the staff before any treatment ever happens can allow a child to view the unfamiliar environment in a safe way without any expectation of things happening.

Now let’s go to the second point, does your child actually even need dental cleanings in the first place? The answer is an emphatic yes. There are two major reasons for children to get dental cleaning, one – even if it is just their baby teeth, maintaining the health of their baby teeth is essential to helping the adult teeth come in and setting your child up for a framework of future dental success.

The other one is because even children will sometimes have adult teeth that need looked after as well and so having dental cleanings and regular checkups is an important way of making sure that their adult teeth are cared for from the time they just come in.