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White Filling Composite

When individuals start looking for the closest pediatric dentist office near me or where they can find a great pediatric dental office, one of the things that may come up and they often wonder about is what are the different kinds of dental treatment available for children. These can include things like fluoride treatments, tooth removal, and in some cases white filling composite. But what are the different types of treatments that are available from your pediatric dental office that can provide the best level of pediatric dental care to your child?

Let’s start with fillings first. There are any number of reasons why an individual may need to utilize white filling composite. Simply put though, white filling composite is a tooth colored mixture of glass and plastic that is designed to help fix decayed, damaged, or misshapen tooth areas. If your child is having trouble eating due to genetics or an accident has misshapen or broken a tooth, giving this kind of composite filling can not only restore the cosmetic beauty of the smile but can also make it easier for your child to eat and enjoy living life normally.

Dental issues are quite serious and if a child tells you that they are having oral health problems, you should absolutely schedule a meeting with your local dentist and get to the root of it. Dental problems are unfortunately one of those things that gets significantly more expensive the longer we wait to deal with them. Addressing dental problems in a timely fashion not only will make it more comfortable for your child, but will also increase the chances for better health outcomes and will almost certainly lower the price of whatever treatment they end up receiving. The longer an individual waits, the more expensive treatments become.

What about other types of treatment? Your child may have some dental decay otherwise known as a cary or cavity. Even if the cavity occurs in a milk tooth (also called baby tooth), you will want to get this filled to keep the decay from spreading.  You might be tempted to think that since the tooth will fall out soon that you don’t need to fill it.  The truth is decay in a milk tooth can spread to the permanent teeth and cause them damage before they even grow in. 

As you can see, getting cavities filled is important.  You can choose from white composite or metal amalgam.  The use of amalgam fillings is decreasing due to the use of mercury in the metal mix, which can cause toxicity in people. White composite on the other hand is much healthier to use.

Whether you choose to go with a white composite filling, or some other treatment, the important thing is that they visit their pediatric care near me dental office regularly. A regular checkup can help catch and identify problems long before your child or you are ever aware of them. Being aware of these problems well in advance will almost always lead to a better oral health outcome for your child, meaning your child can live a happy, whole, healthy life and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your child’s oral health future is secure.