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Do You Want To Know About Dentist Pediatric Near Me

dentist pediatric near me

Finding good pediatric dentists near you in Miami doesn’t have to be hard.  You just need to know the right questions to ask.  A pediatric dentist is someone who will be an important part of your child’s overall healthcare.

Dentist pediatric near me – board certified pediatric dentist near me

If you start to search for dentist pediatric near me in Miami FL for healthy smiles, it’s highly recommended that you try to make sure any office you come across is a board certified pediatric dentistry. While many offices will offer dental care and help protect your oral health, a pediatric dental office can help your children best during a dental visit.

They often focus on preventive care for children and adolescents, infants children and patients with special dental experiences. Children oftentimes have highly unique dental experiences since it is a time when their teeth are still developing, their jaws are still growing, and potential orthodontic problems have not even yet begun to manifest. But even knowing this, you might wonder what is the best pediatric dentistry office and why do you need one for your child? Before we answer those questions and more, let’s take a look at what the experts of pediatric dental medicine have to say on topic of dentist pediatric near me.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) has established guidelines for infant oral health care that are specifically directed towards young children (Bakhurji EA et al., 2021).

Infant oral health care aims to provide preventive dental strategies within six months after the appearance of the first baby tooth and no later than 12 months of age (Bakhurji EA et al., 2021).

Parents should ensure to take their children to pediatric dentists rather than general dentists. One study showed that most of the general dentists in the study stated they do not routinely perform infant oral health examinations. Meanwhile, 100% of responding pediatric dentists indicated that they perform oral health examinations (Bakhurji EA et al., 2021).

dentist pediatric near me

Is pediatric dentistry a specialty? Pediatric dentist orthodontist near me

Yes it is! The fact of the matter is that not every dentist is rated or certified to offer pediatric services. Children’s teeth development requires an additional level of certification, oftentimes taking several more years of schooling before dentist gets their pediatric specialization certification.

With children’s unique dental issues, the difference in development, the difference in space to work inside a child’s mouth, and the difference in how to deal with and empathize with younger patients are all extremely important aspects when it comes to proper pediatric dental health. These are also major reasons why you should go to a pediatric specialist if you have orthodontic or dental work that needs done for your child.

Which is the best dentistry for kids in Miami? Pediatric dentists near me

‘Best’ is oftentimes a matter of perspective. Best also depends on what aspects you think are the best ones to have. Are you looking for an office that is affordable and has the right specialization? Then you may have to drive a little further to go get it. Do you want one that is close by, affordable, and has the right specialization? If so, then they may lack availability as everybody else is likely very excited about the location of this office as well.

Unfortunately, there will almost always be trade-offs. A great way for you to figure out which will be the best office for you is to simply determine what are the most important aspects that you want to have, then making those aspects the filter through which you search through the variety of pediatric dental offices until you find one that meets your criteria.

Finding one that is flexible, affordable, close by, and has reasonable pricing is not impossible but it will take some time shopping around online and even having free consultations with your dental office before you’ll find the right one for you.

Why do you need pediatric dentistry? Pediatric dentist and orthodontist near me

A pediatric dentistry office as mentioned earlier is a place that specializes in working with children. The truth of the matter is that children have unique dental considerations when it comes to their oral health. Teeth are oftentimes coming in, so problems may not even be visible yet but instead may lie below the surface which only an x-ray – and an expert – would be able to determine.

Besides that, children are also learning the fundamentals of oral health and the habits that they develop in childhood when it comes to oral health, protecting their teeth, and their disposition towards dental offices are all being shaped during this early period. This is why it’s absolutely essential that your child gets regular visits with their dental office. These regular meetings will not only help to alleviate fears or concerns that your child may have, but will also help to spot any potential problems before you can even see them. Once you already notice a problem it’s been a problem for a lot longer.

Dental issues are always easiest to fix if they are caught sooner rather than later. Dental problems that are caught early can be fixed early and often at a far more affordable rate than if you catch them later. Not only are you setting your child up for a lifetime of oral health success but by having regular visits you can also save yourself significant amounts of money and save your child’s comfort by dealing with problems as they arise.

Why are most people afraid of dentists? Best pediatric dentist near me

There are two main causes for people to be frightened of dentists. One is simple unfamiliarity. There’s often a fear of the unknown and unfortunately many times adults, but especially children, will fill that not knowing void with a whole host of terrible and frightening ideas and concepts. If your child is learning about the dentist from an older sibling, there is a high likelihood that the older sibling has already told them a lot of terrible things that might happen when you go to a dental office or simply explained the dental office poorly in a way that facilitates greater fear and discomfort on the behalf of your child.

The other reason why many individuals can be afraid of a dental office is simply bad experiences. People who have bad dental experiences like incompetent dental staff, or even just because they always went to a dentist when they had a problem and so associate the dental office with pain, discomfort, and medical bills can cause people to become fearful and even shy away from the dentist.

Unfortunately, it is that very fear that makes people shy away from regular dental checkups and a dental office which oftentimes makes the fear become reality. As mentioned earlier, problems that are not addressed early are problems that become more painful and more expensive. If you are only going to the dental office because you have a painful and expensive issue, that’s going to generate negative feelings for anyone. Going for regular checkups can help mitigate this as it provides good experiences for the dental office for your child and can help catch problems before they become serious issues.


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