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7 Qualities You Really Need in A Child Dentist Office Near Me

Child dentist office near me

When choosing a child dentist, you want to find a pediatric specialist with a kid-friendly office who offers you an initial consultation to meet the staff and see if you and the staff mesh well. They should also do preventative care as well as treatment for dental issues like dental decay.

Child dentist office near me – child life specialist in dentist office

When you are looking for a top-notch pediatric dental office, there are a few key qualities you should look for.

1. You should start taking your child to a pediatric dentist a few months after their first tooth erupts. Getting started on a good dental care routine is important to ensure that your child is on a path of good oral health for life. Pediatric dental clinics will help your child prevent tooth decay and protect their teeth.

2. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your child receive dental sealants to help protect their teeth and keep them healthy. Look for a pediatric dental clinic that offers them as part of a preventative program.

3. A healthy smile starts at home. Your child dentist office near me will be happy to show you how to get started on a good home preventative care routine and answer any questions you may have. You can get started at an initial consultation before bringing your kid for their first child’s visit.

4. Look for members of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. This is a professional organization that has over 10,000 members. They pledge to have high ethical standards and keep patient safety at the forefront of all they do. They all treat infants, children, and teens as well as special needs patients.

5. A great pediatric dental clinic will offer an array of dental services. From the dental assistant up to the dentist, everyone is there to care for your child and offer a dental treatment plan that meets your child’s needs.

6. You should also look for a kid-friendly practice that includes everything from the waiting room to the dental visit itself. Children’s dental care clinics often have waiting rooms that keep the kid in mind – offering games and activities to keep them entertained while they wait, as well as quiet rooms that kids or special needs patients can use to decompress in.

7. The best pediatric dental office is also one that is close to you. One of the best ways to help your child not worry about their visit is to have a stress-free commute. You can find a great office but if it is across town, the drive to get to your child dentist office near me in Miami FL will not be fun and you and your child might not be in the best frame of mind when you arrive at your appointment. This can start your child being afraid of the dentist and that can keep them from going to the dentist as an adult. Good dental health relies on regular visits to the dentist for professional cleanings and evaluations.

Let’s take a look now at what some of the experts of pediatric dentistry have to say about the topic, and then we will learn about pediatric orthodontics.

A national survey of children’s health has revealed that there are some factors that have more influence on children’s oral health than others (Edelstein BL, 2017).

These factors include the family’s socioeconomic status and other things like education level and strength of social units (Edelstein BL, 2017).

Parents need to be educated on the need for pediatric dental care and given tools and resources to find a good pediatric clinic. Parents also need to be able to look at reviews and get recommendations from friends and family.  Health can be influenced by the community we live in, resources around us, and how strong – or weak – our social relationships are (Edelstein BL,2017).

Child dentist office near me

What age is recommended a child get braces? Is 10 too young?

Actually, 10 years old is just about the right age for getting braces.  Most orthodontists recommend that braces be used on tweens and teens between the ages of 10-14. This is when most of the adult teeth come in or are coming in, and the jaw matrix is not fully set yet as it will be when your child is an adult. Some kids will need braces sooner, while others may get them later, but the majority of kids get their braces during the middle school years.

When is early orthodontic treatment necessary? Child dentist office near me

Early orthodontic treatment is often used in kids who have crowded teeth or significant bite issues. They may also have front teeth that protrude. Kids should have their first pediatric orthodontist visit by age 7 so that the orthodontist can look for any issues. If anything needs treatment, they will start the program then, or if there are some things to monitor, your orthodontist will do that instead.

Kids by age 7 usually will have their first adult molars and the front teeth will be their permanent set. If they do need early orthodontic treatment, this usually means there will be an appliance like palate expanders or a small set of braces used to help the teeth and jaw develop properly. This usually is a short treatment time of 6-12 months, then the appliance is removed.  After that, the child may need braces later on to help refine the bite and make sure the teeth are properly aligned.

Is it more common for kids to have braces these days? Child’s dentist near me

If it seems like there are more kids wearing braces than ever, you would be correct. More kids and teens are wearing braces than in years past.  There are a few reasons for this.

One is that braces are more affordable thanks to increased insurance coverage and programs like Medicaid covering medically necessary braces.

Reason number two is that there are more options than just metal braces. Kids who may have felt self-conscious about wearing metal braces now can choose to use ceramic braces or Invisalign. They provide safe, effective orthodontic corrections without being sharp or noticeable.

And the third reason might surprise you. We have been evolving to have smaller jaws and therefore our teeth don’t fit like the teeth of our ancient ancestors. If you look at some of the fossil records, many humans had great teeth and well aligned bites. That has changed and now orthodontic correction is more necessary than before.

Can I get dental braces at any age? Child’s dentist near me

You can get braces at any age. If you didn’t get braces as a teenager, it’s not too late. Many adults find that they are now in a position to be able to get braces, either because their finances now allow them to pay for the braces, or they have an HSA at work that allows them to save each year and use the funds towards qualified medical expenses. Or maybe their insurance has expanded and they can get orthodontic coverage added. Or, perhaps they have seen their teeth drift and they are not happy about their smiles. Whatever the reason, adults of any age are able to get braces.  Their treatment times may be slightly longer than they would have been had they gotten braces as a teenager, but the braces treatment will still be effective.


Edelstein B. L. (2017). Pediatric dental-Focused Interprofessional Interventions: Rethinking Early Childhood Oral health Management. Dental clinics of North America, 61(3), 589–606.