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10 Doubts About Dentist For Kids Miami You Should Clarify

Dentist for kids Miami

A pediatric dentist is a dentist for kids. They are a wealth of information for you and your children when it comes to their dental health. Pediatric dentists go on to do additional training for two to three years after they finish their dental program. That way they can be experts in treating children and special needs patients with a positive dental experience.

Dentist for kids Miami – all kids dentist near me

You might not realize why you need a kids’ dentist. After all, can’t every dentist provide the care you need? The actual answer is that you do need a kids’ dentist. What else might you not be sure about when it comes to a pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist is actually the best choice to help your child with their dental health. They are experts at treating infants, children, and teens. They can do all of the preventative care they need as well as providing dental treatment for dental cavities or other tooth and gum diseases.

Other things that your pediatric dentist can do for you include giving you a good start time for when kids should start using fluoride and what toothpaste your child should use. A dentist for kids Miami FL will show you how to brush their teeth properly, and how to floss when they start to get their teeth.

Pediatric dentists can address the issue of your child’s adult teeth growing in behind the baby teeth because they haven’t fallen out yet. Or maybe your child had an accident and suffered some dental trauma like a chipped tooth or even a tooth that got knocked out. If you had a small mouth, or your partner does, you might be worried that your child might not have enough room for their adult teeth. A pediatric dental expert will be able to examine your child’s mouth and make a good prediction on whether they will or not.

Maybe you have an infant you are taking in for the first time. Your dentist will be happy to talk about when your baby’s teeth will all grow in, and as they do when to stop sucking their thumb – and how. And, they can talk about when your child will need to get their first X-ray.

As you can see, visiting the dentist early has a lot of advantages and that should erase any doubts you might have. Let’s take a moment to learn a bit more from some of the experts of pediatric dentistry about dentist for kids Miami.

The field of pediatric dentistry gives a lot of basic and comprehensive treatments and preventative care for infants and children ranging in age from a few months old through the teen years (Shah S, 2017).

Good oral health is a key component of overall good health for every kid. Bad oral health can affect their quality of life and even their development (Shah S, 2017).

Children’s good oral health should be accessible to all and be cost effective while still providing good care. This care should also be based on a treatment plan that is customized for each child and their family (Shah S, 2017).

Dentist for kids Miami

Why do some kids have braces? Good dentist for kids

Some kids have braces for misaligned teeth and jaws, a condition known as a malocclusion. Other kids get braces for crooked or twisted teeth. And still others have crowded teeth that don’t have enough room for all of the adult teeth to come in.

There might be some other reasons that are unique to the patient, but the most common reasons are to treat conditions that keep the teeth from meeting correctly.  Poorly aligned teeth can lead to early enamel wear or jaw pain. They can also cause headaches or lead to chewing difficulties. And, significantly misaligned or crooked teeth can cause speech impediments or lead to self-esteem issues.

Is it worth it to buy my kid braces? Dentist near me for kids

It is absolutely worth getting braces for your child!  They can do so much good towards correcting bite issues and getting the teeth into a proper alignment. Healthy teeth are easier to clean and keep clean as part of a dental care routine. And as we mentioned above, your child will have a better self-esteem when their smile looks good and that gives them a big confidence boost. All of that translates to a healthier mouth and a healthier life.

Can the dentist charge for a missed appointment? Dentists for kids

Yes, your dentist can charge for missed appointments. They have all of the costs of their business to pay for whether someone is there or not. They have their building lease, insurance, cleaning costs, staff payroll and benefits, lighting and electricity, internet and phone, etc. A cancelled appointment is lost revenue for the dentist for that time slot.

Plus, some people may cancel the appointment out of fear.  By assessing a financial incentive to keep the appointment, it gives the dentist a chance to keep the patient coming.  They can have a conversation about what is making the patient anxious and maybe help them overcome it.

What should I look for when choosing a dentist for a family?

When you are looking for a pediatric dentistry office for your family, you should look for a place that has a kid friendly waiting room and a staff that is devoted to working with kids. They are all specially trained in working with infants, children, and teens with their dental care needs. You should also find an office staff that will work with you to check your insurance or to help you with a payment plan.

Take a look for a pediatric dentist that is close to you so you can get to all of your appointments easily. The dentist will also gladly provide you with tips to maintain your family’s good oral health at home between visits.

You will also want to look for the ratings and reviews on either the internet search site or on the dentist’s website itself. By checking out what others have to say, you can get a sense of what you can expect as a patient.


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