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An Intro to General Dentistry for Kids Miami FL – Read in Under 10 Minutes

General dentistry for kids miami fl

There are some important things to note about general dentistry for children. A pediatric dentist, or dentist for kids, is someone who finished dental school and then went on to specialize in the needs of kids and special needs patients so they can all have a stress-free experience at the dentist.

General dentistry for kids Miami FL

If you are a parent in the Miami, Florida area whose children require general dentistry, you likely have been told that your children should visit the dentist at about 6 months of age or when their first tooth erupts. You might also want to take them to the dentist for a specific issue regarding their teeth. To find the right place, you might have researched the internet for the right clinic offering dentistry for children looking for general dentistry for kids Miami FL that offer dental health and dental care for kids. While finding a general dentist that offers dental services, you might be looking at a dental school near me that can help you with affordable dentistry for children.

There is a difference between general dentistry and orthodontics for children that we will look at in a bit. If your child requires some specific treatment to correct some oral problems, you might have also looked for cosmetic dentistry for children or pediatric dental care so you can take care of your child’s teeth.

These phrases are generally what parents want to know about their children’s dental health and how they can find the necessary specialist to help. Generally, it is not uncommon for parents to seek medical and dental assistance close by to their home.

We’ll learn more about pediatric dentistry as compared to general dentistry, but before beginning to answer these questions, let’s hear what some of the orthodontic and dental experts have to say on pediatric dentistry.

There has been an uptick in the prevalence of dental caries (cavities) among young children in recent times (Ramos-Gomez FJ et al.,2010).

This increase highlights the need for early establishment of dental homes and simple, effective infant oral care preventive programs for all children as part of a medical disease prevention management model (Ramos-Gomez FJ et al.,2010).

Unfortunately, the CDC confirmed that childhood caries (ECC) are the most prevalent chronic childhood disease in the United States (Ramos-Gomez FJ et al.,2010).

General dentistry for kids miami fl

What is pediatric dentistry and its benefits? General dentistry for kids Miami FL

Pediatric dental care is a crucial part of caring for one’s overall physical health, and it is important that one’s health care begins at an early age. Starting pediatric dental care early can help children develop healthy oral routines from a very early age, which will become an extremely important part of maintaining beautiful and brilliant smiles as they get older.

This is one of the main advantages and benefits of pediatric dentistry, and ensures that good habits are built early on in life and a good pediatric dentist can provide parents with all the information and education necessary to ensure that their child has the best start to life in terms of their oral health care. Pediatric dentists can provide gentle, child-focused dental care to their patients and to the parents as well.

Because they understand how to communicate to kids, they are gifted at taking complex or even scary events and making them much less intimidating. That also gives them the gift of how to work with special needs patients, even those who are non-verbal.

Why do children fear visiting doctors and dentists? General dentistry for kids orthodontist

Unfortunately, some children fear visiting doctors and dentists and as such their parents have a difficult time taking them for the regular and necessary pediatric dental care. It is important that parents and pediatric dentists do what they can to minimize any fear of visiting dentists that the child may have. Oftentimes, children may develop a fear of visiting the dentist because of a previous bad experience or what the child might have heard about pediatric dentists or even seen on TV. Generally, children can develop fears of the dentist if they are not reassured, and if parents do not know how to calm their children when talking about visiting the dentist.

As such, it is important that parents visit a pediatric dentist who cares about the well-being of the children. Pediatric dentists are able to reassure the child and limit any dental phobias the child may have.  They often have great waiting rooms that are filled with activity centers and cozy spaces to take the edge off visiting the dentist.

How do I find a family dentist near me? General dentistry Miami

Oftentimes, coupled with the need to find a good pediatric dentist, parents also prefer to find a family dentist who can treat both the adults and the children at the same clinic. That way they minimize visiting multiple clinics for dental needs for multiple family members.

This is a growing need, and as such family dentists are popular with families who require such care. One way to find a good family dentist near you is to seek the opinions and reviews of those who have been to such family dentists. This can include seeking advice from your social network such as your friends and work colleagues, and also looking at reviews that patients have left online about the particular general dentistry for kids Miami FL you may be considering.

It is crucial that you do your research before visiting a dentist, and some dental clinics offer no obligation consultations so that you can go visit them and see for yourself what service they may provide to help you better make an informed decision about visiting the particular family dentist. It is always better to find the right family dentist and go visit them than to have multiple negative occurrences from not doing enough good research and commencing treatment with multiple dentists before finding the right one.

What is the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist? General dentistry and orthodontics near me

Sometimes, a child might require orthodontic treatment as well as regular dental care. When this is the case, the child’s dentist might refer the child to an orthodontist which might have some parents wondering what the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist is.

The short answer is that another professional, an orthodontist, deals with the proper alignment of teeth and dentition, which includes the position of teeth, jaws, and general alignment of the mouth. An orthodontist is a person who has completed dental school and further specialized in the field of orthodontics. So an orthodontist is a dentist but with more specialization.


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